We are safety and quality

“We firmly believe that people are most valuable. Everybody has the right and the duty to return home safely and healthy. We do not work over people, but through people, motivate them to safe and healthy behaviour, by which we aim to structurally improve the working conditions.

We have years of experience in the area of SHEQ within several sectors such as offshore, maritime, dredging, salvage, production, construction, petrochemical, renewables, science, civil engineering, health and welfare, recreation and leisure time. We are acquainted with the market-specific activities and do understand our clients. The issues are not surprising to us, but we do search for unique/innovative solutions.”

SHEQ Support & Advise

Research, recognising opportunity’s and bottlenecks and think through solutions together. In offices, in workplaces, in factories, on ships, alongside roads and railways; through expertise to solutions. Your experts working together with our experts.



If you are interested or want to get in touch with us without obligations, you are more than welcome to make an appointment.